About Shiatsu


The word Shiatsu means "Finger Pressure."  It is a Japanese style of bodywork, developed from ancient massage techniques in China, which aim to stimulate the flow of Qi along the channels running through the body.  

Photo by spark067/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by spark067/iStock / Getty Images

Using palms, thumbs, fingers, elbows and stretches, the practitioner gives precise, directive pressure along the channels- encouraging movement throughout the connective tissues, muscles, nerves, lymph and blood vessels.

Shiatsu is effective as preventive care and for alleviating a variety of complaints- treating muscles and joints, circulation, immune function, digestion, menstrual cycles, emotional well being, mental health and overall vitality.  Shiatsu can be used alone, or combined with acupuncture and herbal medicine to enhance their effects.

Zen Shiatsu is done with the receiver fully clothed and incorporates a rhythmic, meditative approach during treatment.  This allows the practitioner to "tune in" to the receiver, feeling where the channels are obstructed and restoring balance in these areas.  Zen Shiatsu produces a deeply relaxing effect and leaves you feeling light and rejuvenated.