Kathryn Clippard, LMT 

Born on the East Coast but formed on the West Coast,  I found massage almost by accident, after moving to Portland. Casting about for what to do with my life after getting an art degree and working in cafes for many years, I had several consecutive conversations in which people either asked me if I was a massage therapist or brought up the profession, so I decided to look into it. Massage, it turns out, is a perfect blend of all the things I like to do:  work with my hands, have one-on-one interactions, and feel like I'm making a positive difference in someone's life. Massage allows me to form connections with people and to hear their stories.

After I graduated from East West College here in the Rose City, I pursued continuing education in Manual Lymph Drainage through the Dr. Vodder School, and have supplemented the deep tissue work I learned in school with classes in reflexology, cupping, and hot stones. You could say that my massage work is a fusion of styles, each session incorporating different tools to address your needs and wants for the day. If you want to relax, there will be more emphasis on reflexology and aromatherapy; if you have an injury I will use deeper tissue work like trigger point and myofascial release. Throughout the process I rely on our communication to guide me, and I translate your words through my hands into massage.

Art remains an important and vital part of my life, as does enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest and all the fun it has to offer. I feel so lucky to have ended up in Portland, and to have found massage.